Monday, August 2, 2010

And More Highlights.............

More Highlights from my "enchanted April' , my favorite place. (Utah)!!

Hogle Zoo with my little family, and my sissy, and my sissy's little family. I adore Hogle Zoo.

My cutie and her cousin. Is it possible that they were twins.........separated by 2+ years............and a different set of parents................and a couple of states??

The stitches are out and we are HAPPY!!! (Especially after the nice R.N. gave us a big, drippy purple Popsicle first thing in the morning. (Actually a very appropriate breakfast for the 24th of July which happens to be the 'Pioneer Day' holiday in Utah.) That is gonna be one nasty scar!! Does anybody know if that 'Mederma' scar remover really works??

Getting mani's and pedi's with my bestie. I created this glitter nail color and then Jolyn (the world's greatest nail tech) named it after me. What an honor. ;) ;)

It doesn't get any better then staying with family and watching the kids bond and bond some more with the cousins that they don't see near often enough.

Some other wonderful memories that will live close to my heart are.......

-a trip to the Jordan River Temple with my sister.
-my son bearing his testimony in Sacrament meeting without any persuasion. He just marched right on up to the pulpit and did it.
-watching the tiniest members of our extended family scramble during multiple games of fruit basket. brother in law getting ENGAGED while my cute hubby is actually here in town to celebrate it. (sometimes there is nothing better then seeing a big ole smile on your hubby's face!)


Jillinda said...

It was great to see you while you were here. My kids love the big water ball at Hogle Zoo too. We just went with all my neices and nephews and had a great time. Wouldn't it be funny if we'd been there on the same day.

Zuzana said...

Look at all of you, so many kids, what a delight it must be to spend some time together.;) These posts of your are almost like a preparation for my imminent trip to my sister in Switzerland.;) We will not be as many as you, but hopefully have as much fun as you seemed to have had.;)
Love your pedicure.;) So beautiful!
Have a great week dear Holly,

lesley said...

Loved those photographs with your sister,two very stylish girls!

I had a little accident at a spinning class and the pedal badly scratched my calf. I used the Mederma scar cream and it definitely worked for me.

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