Thursday, August 5, 2010

Picture Perfect~

My brother in law is a super talented photographer extraordinare. One of the major perks of visiting family while on vacation is when your sister kidnaps you and forces you into a 'photo shoot'. And even when you are dragged to said photo shoot kicking and screaming it turns out to be the most fun you have
 had in a long time.
Not to mention how your uber- amazing photo savvy brother in law managed
to somehow turn you into a super model with his magic lens.
Ok,...believe me I know that I am no super model,
lets just say that my artistically gifted photographer bro-in-law made my sister and I feel prettier then we have in quite some time.

He has an amazing eye for settings, and would drive on up to any random hill or waterfall, dump us out of the car and tell us to hop in.

Yet it always worked. He is gifted.

My sister used some really  neat photo editing techniques to come up with the different looks.

Wendy has more photos from this shoot on her blog if you want to hop on over and admire John's work. Also her photography blog showcases some of his masterpieces.
Thank You so much 'Fire-dog',....that was awesome.
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