Monday, January 31, 2011

It just needed a little somethin somethin...

So a while ago I started adding more and more neutral tones to my home.
Neutrals seem to calm my nerves,...
to relax me.

I hung up these three really cute metal tiles.

Then those same tiles continued to bug me...
for a few days...
then a few weeks,...
then a few months!!

Finally I decided that they just needed a little something


A finishing touch.

I had a 16x20 picture in my garage waiting to go
to the goodwill. So I took the picture and the glass out of the frame.
I used my favorite 'Rust-Oleum' spray paint in "heirloom white"
to spray paint the frame. 

I screwed an antique glass knob right into the wall above the tiles,
and hung the frame over the tiles with lace.

I am really enjoying the finished product.
The frame really was just the right "somethin somethin' that the
tiles needed!!!

And,... THANK YOU to those of you who so kindly commented on
my inquiry in my last post. I know exactly how I am going
to approach painting my curtains,...Thanks to you!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An opinion pretty please........??.............

So I fell in love with these curtains months ago...

months and months ago...

But they are Anthro, and so they are way overpriced and I figured I would watch
for them to go on sale.
So I watched...
for like a year...
and they went on sale for-a-small-fortune!

And,... they only had one size left...

the wrong size.

So I figured I would make them.
Doesn't everyone have like 15 (or so)
projects laying around their house?
Or is that just me??

So, why not make that 16, right?

So I have the curtains all ready to go, and I am ready to paint on them.
(Yes, I actually want to paint on them.
My favorite poems, important dates, kids birthdays,
places I have been. Ya know, make them personal.)

So here is my question....
I was just going to use good old acrylic craft paint.
Bad idea or good idea??
Is anyone versed in the knowledge of painting on fabric with acrylic?
If so, your opinion would be much appreciated!!

Thank you!!

Aren't they cute??

I think I will add a ruffle!

.....or two!

.....or ten!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes....

I had a conversation with my 2 (very nearly 3) year old yesterday.
This conversation stuck with me all day.....

I was catching up on my family scrapbook.

I am only,...
6 YEARS behind!!
(I am so going digital/online scrap booking when I
finally catch up all of these printed pictures!!)

I was scrapping the obituary of Fern Johnson, my husbands

I showed the picture to my Ella and said...

"This is Grandma Johnson,... she was wonderful.
She thought that everyone and everything was wonderful,
which in and of itself is,...well,...wonderful."

Ella mumbles to herself and says the word "God",
which catches my attention because we always say Heavenly Father
in our home and now I am really curious as to what she is mumbling about.

I say.... "what did you say Ella?"
Ella says... "she with God."

(I just stare at her. We talk about a lot of things in our home,
but have we ever covered this?
I mean, to this degree?
So I continue to stare.)

I say... "Did you say she is with God??"

Ella: (a very matter of fact) "Yes."

Then she says... "Desus (Jesus) is wonderful."

Again I just stare.....

Ella: "Do you wemember mommy?"

Me: "Remember what Ella?"

Ella: "Wemember that Desus is wonderful??"

Me: "Oh Yes Ella, I do remember,...
do YOU remember??"

Ella: (another very matter of fact) "Yes."

Then she just scampers off to play.
I had chills from head to toe and pondered that tiny little conversation all afternoon and all evening.
I don't read too much into things that children say, but I know they are smart!!
And,... there is a lot that I would like to read into this, so I think
I am just gunna go ahead and do that.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fit For Princesses.....

Does anyone remember this project?
Well, it is complete!!

I know, I know... you are all thinking,

"Wait!, What, Did she actually FINISH a

and the answer is........

YES!!!!, yes I did!!

I found the perfect sized letters for this piece at JoAnn's...
Took them home and painted them white...
Printed a few of my favorite pics. of my pixie...
Had to buy a few extra cute little clamp/paper clip thingies at Target...

and..... VOILA!!!

Now the room that belongs to both of my girls

actually looks like it belongs

to both

of my girls!!!!!
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