Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fit For Princesses.....

Does anyone remember this project?
Well, it is complete!!

I know, I know... you are all thinking,

"Wait!, What, Did she actually FINISH a

and the answer is........

YES!!!!, yes I did!!

I found the perfect sized letters for this piece at JoAnn's...
Took them home and painted them white...
Printed a few of my favorite pics. of my pixie...
Had to buy a few extra cute little clamp/paper clip thingies at Target...

and..... VOILA!!!

Now the room that belongs to both of my girls

actually looks like it belongs

to both

of my girls!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Love you girlie. So fun to see some pics I took of Ella up there ;) It looks really really cute. You are the bestest friend a gal could have. Love ya.

Wendy said...

Darling!!!! I sure miss my cutie patootie nieces. The fam and I were wishing we were there visiting you today. Hopefully soon!

Sorry I missed your call yesterday. I want to chit chat.


Zuzana said...

Beautiful! Love that colour and love everything about it.;)
I often think about Chloe's hair, has it grown back?;))

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