Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes....

I had a conversation with my 2 (very nearly 3) year old yesterday.
This conversation stuck with me all day.....

I was catching up on my family scrapbook.

I am only,...
6 YEARS behind!!
(I am so going digital/online scrap booking when I
finally catch up all of these printed pictures!!)

I was scrapping the obituary of Fern Johnson, my husbands

I showed the picture to my Ella and said...

"This is Grandma Johnson,... she was wonderful.
She thought that everyone and everything was wonderful,
which in and of itself is,...well,...wonderful."

Ella mumbles to herself and says the word "God",
which catches my attention because we always say Heavenly Father
in our home and now I am really curious as to what she is mumbling about.

I say.... "what did you say Ella?"
Ella says... "she with God."

(I just stare at her. We talk about a lot of things in our home,
but have we ever covered this?
I mean, to this degree?
So I continue to stare.)

I say... "Did you say she is with God??"

Ella: (a very matter of fact) "Yes."

Then she says... "Desus (Jesus) is wonderful."

Again I just stare.....

Ella: "Do you wemember mommy?"

Me: "Remember what Ella?"

Ella: "Wemember that Desus is wonderful??"

Me: "Oh Yes Ella, I do remember,...
do YOU remember??"

Ella: (another very matter of fact) "Yes."

Then she just scampers off to play.
I had chills from head to toe and pondered that tiny little conversation all afternoon and all evening.
I don't read too much into things that children say, but I know they are smart!!
And,... there is a lot that I would like to read into this, so I think
I am just gunna go ahead and do that.


Wendy said...

Oh my. That is a beautiful conversation. Children can be the best teachers, can't they?

Love you!


Keetha Broyles said...

Very precious.

I pray she remembers that Jesus is wonderful when she is 16.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I have chills!!!!!

Zuzana said...

Very beuatiful. I guess children can teach us so much a times.;)
Ella has grown so much...
Have a lovely weekend dear Holly,

This Eclectic Life said...


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