Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The French Inspired Home
by Carolyn Westbrook

My sister gave me this oober-amazing book about 6 months ago for my birthday,
and I thought it was lovely. Fun to flip through and enjoy the eye candy.
Now that we are mixing things up here at the Platt plantation and I am looking
for lighter and airier decor I find myself drooling over the pages of this book.
It has a very Victorian feel, and lots of gooey detail,
which 18 years ago I just loved. Then my tastes did a whole
eclectic voyage around the world flip flop thing, and now
I find I have come full circle and love the gooey-vintage
details mixed in with all of my other eclectic tastes.

What is a girl to do??
Fickle me!!!

Anyhoo... for any of you who have not yet flipped through a copy of
the French Inspired Home,... I thought I would just throw the idea out there.
It is a treat.

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