Friday, May 27, 2011

So clever...

Did anyone else receive this advertisement in their mail

I laughed out loud!!

It is so simple, yet so creative.

I already love my Kindle, but after this advertisement I love it even more.
How can I not be partial when they have such tastefully clever
people working for them?

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Meet our newest family member...

This is Badger.
He is a desert tortoise,
and the coolest pet we have ever owned!

He was a gift from some friends and we love him.

They had two tortoises, and Badger was the smaller of the two.
(He is about 15 inches around.)
Well, apparently when you get two male tortoises together they fight.

Badger is said to have nine lives like a cat because he has lost many a fight and lived to tell about it.
He has been flipped over on his back and stuck there for many long
hours in the HOT desert sun, until his owners discovered
and rescued him.

He has even had mouth to mouth resuscitation...
(yes really),
after nearly drowning in our friends swimming pool.
(On more than one occasion.)

All because of tortoise testosterone.

Who knew??

Anyhoo... because they too love Badger, it became too stressful for
them to always be worried that he was a casualty
of yet another tortoise war, and so they did what they felt was best
for him, and found him a new home.

We welcomed him with open arms!!

And though he is really not cuddly, I am amazed at just
how cute he is.
It is soo fun to watch him move around and eat.
Our youngest princess pets him and talks to him nearly every day.
" I wuv you Badga!"
It's very tender,... and then she turns to me and says...
"mommy,...Badga wuves me too."

Of course he does.....

Thank You to the Prestons for our newly adoptive family member.

Who knew one could feel such affection for a tortoise??!!

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