Monday, August 15, 2011

So many other things first...

    I was talking to a friend recently about how my blog is so
sorely neglected.
She is a good friend with good insight.
One of those people that you can just talk to,
...bounce ideas off of,
...blow off steam with,
...and voice concerns to.
 She asked me a simple but good question.

"Do you enjoy your blog or does it cause you stress?"

I have been thinking, and I have decided... both.

I enjoy having a place to put my ideas. To document finished projects.
To get opinions from others.
Honestly... my favorite part of my blog is the convenience of
my side bar. I visit my own blog nearly every day just to bounce off of it to
visit all of you. To explore all of my other favorite places.

I don't enjoy feeling pressure that I should post something if I haven't done so
in oh... say 2 or 3 months.
(Not that I would ever let that happen.)

I only ever created the blog as a haven for when my creative juices are most active.

I thought about deleting my blog.
Thought hard about it...
and almost did it.

Than I felt a sense of loss.
Real loss.  
That was something that I didn't expect.
I sometimes get attached to a work of art that I have finished and it is hard to sell it,
or give it away... and I joke that they are like my babies...
but I didn't realize that I was attached to my blog.

So I decided... no... I am not deleting you... my little
under nurtured,
but adored blog. 
But, I am not much of a blogger.

I have discovered that I am all of these other things.

I am...
First a mom, a wife, and a Latter Day Saint.
Next a friend,
Next an artist,
a cook (not by choice :) )
a housekeeper (""")
the doer of laundry
the chauffeur
the book keeper
the homework editor
the hairbrush er
the sock and shoe finder
the referee of sibling rivalries,
a journal writer,
jewelry maker,
clothes mender,
band aid putter on-er,
back tickler,
and then... a blogger.

I really appreciate so much my little band of followers,...
and I really appreciate the few hits and comments that I do get.

So, I am not deleting my blog that I have a soft spot for.
 I am, however, from here on out...
 owning that it is at the rock bottom of my priority list.
I will not promise myself that I will do better about updating it.
 Nor will I feel guilt, pressure, or stress if I go 2 or 3 months (not
that I would ever let that happen) without posting.

So.... if ANYONE is still with me it is opinion time. 

I have been "lightening up" my house over the last while.
Getting rid of some dark colors and tossing in bits of robins egg blue,
and lots of ivory and white...
little splashes of yellow and green.
Making it feel fresh.

My bedroom has had red accents for such a long time now. I am so over the
red. Downright sick of the red. I have gotten rid of most of it. The only thing keeping me
from redoing the whole color scheme are two original works of art by two different
people that I know personally. They are beautiful pieces and of course...
they are very heavy with red. My walls are taupe. My room feels heavy.

I think I have found a solution.
( I really wish I could remember what magazine
I found these pictures in so that i could give credit. oops. )

See how the red in these pictures looks really light and airy, even cottage-Esq when paired with yellow?
I propose this...
I paint my walls a very light creamy yellow,
add even more ivory and white accents, and keep the few red pieces that I already have.

What do we think?? Am I on to something?
Or is red and yellow soo totally yesterday? :)

I would REALLY appreciate your opinions!!

Thank You!!!
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