Thursday, May 28, 2009

Frugal Friday

It is Frugal Friday over at the Shabby Nest, and I thought this was a great opportunity/ excuse for me to be the sentimental fool that I am. As my quarter pint grows out of her cute little clothes, (and the plan is for her to be the last one to wear these clothes:)), some of them are harder to part with than others. I know that I have "been there, done that" on the baby shoe tassel thing, but the clothes.....!!! What is one to do with those sweet, adorable, cuddly little clothes?? The extra tender ones that you just have to keep hugging, and smelling, and don't want to box up and stuff away somewhere? Well, there was this little smocked, embroidered, flowery green dress,....WITH matching shoes........ouch........what a dilemma. You see how I had no choice, right?? Plus,...since I already owned the materials it was practically free (for now,............ we won't travel back in time to when I payed far too much for fringe.:))
Now the only thing that it is missing is the other shoe. I am afraid that I will have to make another tassel to match the first and loop them over the top of the pillow like you would an old pair of ice skates.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

It's Thrifty Thursday at Bloggeritaville again, and I just had to show and tell my happy finds for the week. First up are these frames. I got them Saturday morning garage sale-ing for .50 cents a piece. You know those times when you're just trying to act all cool and indifferent. (Like when you really want three frames at a decent price, so you don't want the seller of said frames to see how excited you are?!) Well, lets just say I don't have the best poker face. I was giddy and silly and all excited as I skipped over to ask "how much". I guess I just got lucky that the nice lady didn't ask for my first born in exchange. (Which, just for the record would have been a real deal breaker.)

At the next garage sale I acquired these darling doilies for .25 cents for the whole lot of them. No, I have no idea what I will do with them, but I will happily watch them gather dust while I am deciding.

Later this week I found this fabulous belt at the dollar store and it still had its "Target" tag hanging off of it. I don't know if it is the thrill of the hunt, or some other inbred survival mechanism, but 'thrifting' sure is addictive!:):)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wardrobe Rehab Part VI

So I had this little dress. I just bought it to be a swimsuit cover up, so I was ok with the fact that it was rather short. After wearing it to the pool a few times and receiving half a dozen compliments on it I started to wish that it was long enough (for my particular taste, comfort, religion :):)), that I could wear it as a 'regular dress'. I took it to the fabric store with me and carried it around (like a true geek), and held it up to every bolt in the place until I found what I liked for a 'coordinating' fabric.
I cut an 8 inch strip and sewed it right to the bottom of my dress. I liked the results but it still looked a little bit "just thrown on there", so I made a posy and attached it to the shoulder.

Now I love it!!! Yahoo for recycled clothes.

My hubby caught this candid of me at a get together with friends. He really is no better at photography then I am. :) But, get the idea!!:)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Belated Mothers Day Gift....

My cutest hubby ordered this adorable ring for me for Mothers Day. Well, it came late, which made it all the more fun and special to receive it on a 'non-holiday' day. He purchased it from a wonderful little on-line store called "The Brass Hussy". (They sell on etsy also.) I am in love. Their items are very reasonably priced. In fact many of them are very inexpensive. I put some tiny thumbnail prints of my quarter pint in it and have worn it for 3 days straight. It just makes me smile!!! How thoughtful he is.........THANKS LOVEY!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Hey, It's Thrifty Thursday over at Bloggeritaville and I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to shamelessly flaunt last Saturdays garage sale finds. I spent $35.00 on Saturday. I know that this does not sound thrifty considering that I was at various garage sales, but wait until you see what I got...:):)!!!
Adorable desk set for my half pints room.

Two super nice, hardly worn pant suits.

And,...a cute little blouse that matches them both really well.

Plus, the clothes were all some of my favorite but seldom (if ever) purchased labels. The biggest bonus is that high end clothes run 'huge' so that the labels read really small sizes. Even if the sizes are laughably untrue to what I usually purchase, it is fun to feel like 'a little waif person'. Happy times!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photographic Masterpieces, and...a bit of an obsession.......

Recently my friend Lillie, who also happens to be my all time favorite photographer, took pictures of my quarter pint and my half pint. I adore Lillie's photography. She has such an artistic eye and this almost eery capability of capturing those exact moments where it is nearly possible to smell and taste the memory, and suspending them on canvas for you to have forever. (I believe she is the "chosen one", or some kind of image capturing super hero!!:)) You can find Lillie's work here, here, and here. I don't usually mix my personal and public blogging lives, but I am truly enamoured of these photos, and feel it would be down right shameful not to share Lillie with the rest of you. Thanks again Lillie!!!

I think that I may have become a bit obsessed with making these posy pins. If any one knows of a treatment center or therapy that may help me quit, share! :):) We are now swimming in them, and I think between them and my other projects that I may HAVE to open up an etsy store soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wardrobe Rehab Part V.....

Another boring shirt!! (Yes I do seem to have many of those.) It nearly made a trip to the Good Will this morning when I realized I still had some old blue toile fabric that would compliment it beautifully.
I just cut a slit right down the middle. (Put it on first and mark a spot so that you do not accidentally give yourself a plunging neckline. (Unless of course you are into that sort of thing, which case, my guest.:)) I don't even bother to finish off the edges since stretch cotton does not tend to fray. Then I made three cute-est posies following the fabulous instructions found here. (Blurry photo warning,........dude I just don't know what is wrong with my photographer.)
I sewed them on. (I probably could have even used liquid stitch, but I usually choose to sew.) And,........VOILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shirt not as boring. I still think I will try to come up with something frilly and a bit clown-esq for the bottom. (Just wouldn't be like me to stop while I'm ahead.;))

The best thing about these posies is that they look even better for the wear after they have been washed a bit. They get all frumped up and full of frayed character. YAY!!! So go find a boring shirt and 'Un-Boring' it!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look What I Found.....

Is it socially acceptable to be just GIDDY over these??

Well......even if it makes me an even bigger geek than I already am.........I am doing cartwheels over some buttons. (Kodi, I may have to copy your necklace now. With permission of coarse.;) )

These four make me drool!!
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