Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wardrobe Rehab Part VI

So I had this little dress. I just bought it to be a swimsuit cover up, so I was ok with the fact that it was rather short. After wearing it to the pool a few times and receiving half a dozen compliments on it I started to wish that it was long enough (for my particular taste, comfort, religion :):)), that I could wear it as a 'regular dress'. I took it to the fabric store with me and carried it around (like a true geek), and held it up to every bolt in the place until I found what I liked for a 'coordinating' fabric.
I cut an 8 inch strip and sewed it right to the bottom of my dress. I liked the results but it still looked a little bit "just thrown on there", so I made a posy and attached it to the shoulder.

Now I love it!!! Yahoo for recycled clothes.

My hubby caught this candid of me at a get together with friends. He really is no better at photography then I am. :) But,...you get the idea!!:)


Eleanor Joyce said...

love this Holly - and the posy just pulls it all together so well!

Wendy said...

Oh good heavens...would that I had your talent at making clothes even cuter...and that I had your share of the good genes...sigh.

Keetha Broyles said...

You are a creative little chickee, aren't you!!! I LOVE the "after" of that dress - - - and it is darlin' on you!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Hmmmmm - - - wonder what you could do to my wardrobe!!!

Jennifer said...

I love it!!! You are so talented. I love how the fabrics coordinate. I never would've been able to figure that out!!!! I'm glad that you don't revamp ALL your clothes though... I like getting hand me downs. :) Thanks for the cute tops today.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Get outta town...that is ADORABLE!!! And the posey on the shoulder really pulls it all together. So cute!
LOVE the ring with quarter-pint in it and also the darling little desk set you found while garage sale-ing. : )

Zuzana said...

You are sooooooo talented! I need to get more into all this refurbishing of clothes; I guess first I would need a sewing machine though - and they are so expensive.;))
You look beautiful on the picture and you matched the colours very well.;)))

Jane said...

Great idea! Super cute results.

T Sorber said...

That is such an adorable dress on a very cute gal, I might add! I am Wendy's friend that came to your house one day to pick up bins of boy clothes. I think you are so talented and I love to see the things you create!

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