Monday, October 25, 2010

Caught Them.....

Finally caught my rare Halloween Pixies. They came out of hiding yesterday. Actually,...spurred by a fun find at Michael's Craft store, I had a renewed motivation to figure out which pile of paper goodies I had stashed them in.

(I like to think I am a relatively organized person.....
until I try to find something.
I tend to put things in a "safe place".....
only to never see them again.  oi)

I was at the craft store and in the dollar section they had these adorable Little bird cages. They had half a dozen different styles and colors. I bought three for various projects,
and wish now that I had hoarded a few more.

My point is...
some things are too good not to share
and maybe you better go get you some before they are all gone.

And,...before anybody goes calling 'Pixie Protective Services' on me,
I happen to have it on good authority that they like very small confined spaces.
It makes them feel safe. (What with all the Halloween creatures running amuck and such.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fit for a princess......

A while ago I did this ribbon project. I have been trying to come up with decor that is light in weight because I live in major earthquake territory. (Like I am sitting smack dab on top of the San Andreas fault. I think we may invest in a boat in case we really do become an island when that earth starts a shakin.)


I had to rethink the decor above the bed in the room my girls share. I took down a shadow box frame with a blessing dress in it, but I had one of my daughters names up there and didn't want to take it down because I poked....oh....six holes in the wall to put it there. So I needed to devise a plan to get my other little girls name up there as well.
The ribbon-hangy-thingy was the perfect solution, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to attach it to the wall. Last April I was in Arizona with some friends and we went to Hobby Lobby. (drool.........)
I found these crown hangers.
Because every little girl is a princess!

So I finally hung them up. (does it take any one else 6 months to complete an incredibly simple project, or is that just a me thing?)

Well I love the result. Too bad my pictures are stinky. My camera is stuck in flash off mode.
In fact, I hope that Santa Clause reads my blog between now and Christmas because I am in desperate need of a new camera!

Alrighty then, I have to get my other little princesses name up on that wall. I think I will get chip board letters from the craft store so that when things start flying they will cause scratches in stead of cuts. :)

I will share again when the project is done,...
so maybe...
6 months?? ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010

I feel fall-ish..............

This time of year has a feeling that is almost tangible. It wafts in and encompasses your senses. I love that feeling. I can't describe it or put my finger on just what it is, but I adore it. It makes me want to nest and paint, create and drink hot chocolate. (Although it is still far too warm for that here.) I can smell fall even though no leaves are turning color, and that tingle of excitement for the holidays is teasing me even though I am still wearing flip flops.

I have not blogged for two weeks because my....


little two year old put a penny in my memory card reader,
and when I finally conquered it and was able to fish it out, my computer would no longer read a memory card.

Problem sort of solved now.

But that whole time I couldn't post a picture I got stir crazy with the anticipation 
that Autumn seems to build within me.

So,...I have a list of projects,...and festive ideas,...
now I want to get some paint under my fingernails and see where all of the
crazy-happy fall-ish emotion takes me.

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