Monday, October 25, 2010

Caught Them.....

Finally caught my rare Halloween Pixies. They came out of hiding yesterday. Actually,...spurred by a fun find at Michael's Craft store, I had a renewed motivation to figure out which pile of paper goodies I had stashed them in.

(I like to think I am a relatively organized person.....
until I try to find something.
I tend to put things in a "safe place".....
only to never see them again.  oi)

I was at the craft store and in the dollar section they had these adorable Little bird cages. They had half a dozen different styles and colors. I bought three for various projects,
and wish now that I had hoarded a few more.

My point is...
some things are too good not to share
and maybe you better go get you some before they are all gone.

And,...before anybody goes calling 'Pixie Protective Services' on me,
I happen to have it on good authority that they like very small confined spaces.
It makes them feel safe. (What with all the Halloween creatures running amuck and such.)


Wendy said...

Pixie Protective Services...LOL! I kind of thought about that when I posted the photo of mine in the birdcage...ha ha! I guess we both have the same twisted sense of humor. Cute little birdcage...too bad I have to reign in the spending. (yeah, even for little tiny things.)

Zuzana said...

That is so very cute my dear Holly.;)) You are always so very inventive and crafty.;)
Happy Halloween.;))

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