Monday, January 31, 2011

It just needed a little somethin somethin...

So a while ago I started adding more and more neutral tones to my home.
Neutrals seem to calm my nerves,...
to relax me.

I hung up these three really cute metal tiles.

Then those same tiles continued to bug me...
for a few days...
then a few weeks,...
then a few months!!

Finally I decided that they just needed a little something


A finishing touch.

I had a 16x20 picture in my garage waiting to go
to the goodwill. So I took the picture and the glass out of the frame.
I used my favorite 'Rust-Oleum' spray paint in "heirloom white"
to spray paint the frame. 

I screwed an antique glass knob right into the wall above the tiles,
and hung the frame over the tiles with lace.

I am really enjoying the finished product.
The frame really was just the right "somethin somethin' that the
tiles needed!!!

And,... THANK YOU to those of you who so kindly commented on
my inquiry in my last post. I know exactly how I am going
to approach painting my curtains,...Thanks to you!!!


Zuzana said...

It became a true interesting artwork dear Holly.;)
I too love neutral tones, particularly when it comes to wall colour.
But for the rest my home bursts with colours, I guess to contrast with our very neutral winter landscape.;)

Wendy said...

Pretty pretty. Amazing what a little layering can do!

gillian said...

Your blog and your projects are absolutely beautiful. I chose you for the stylish blogger award on my blog!

Jennifer Interiors said...

I love this idea! I am your newest follower. Come over and see me at Easy Peasy Chic! :)

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