Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birth of a Food Baby....................

I have had a week of glorious gluttony...

well, more like six weeks...

but this one has been exceptionally naughtier!! (I'm on vacation, right??)

For me...a little bit of rationalization goes a long way.
I have rationalized my way into mass consumption.
 Don't get me wrong.
 I'm not complaining.
I have enjoyed every minute of it.
Every minute of frivolous food frolic.....
of taste bud euphoria!!

What have I eaten you ask?? Only my FAVORITES, some of which I can't get my hands on in So.Cali. (More rationalizing, I know. I told you that I was gifted that way.)

Has any one tried the Ben and Jerry's 'Oatmeal Cookie Chuink'? It's new...
it's wonderful.....
j'adore it!!!
The happy, friendly, but oddly nervous little 'ice cream clerk' that scooped it up for me told me that people actually travel to get their hands on it. I'm not surprised. I think I may have scared him a bit with my enthusiasm.

What else have I eaten??
Molten Lava Cake at Chili's.
it speaks for itself.

Let us not forget Cheesecake Factory. :) My ..
favorite 30th Anniversary Cake.
yes they have many a Cheesecake Factory in So. Cali.
(do you enjoy pointing out my weaknesses? :) )
In my defense my sister had NEVER been to C.F.
For real!!
So I really had no choice.
Told you I was talented in the rationalization area.

unfortunately no festival of gluttony comes without cost.
The tally is in, and when I get home I have 7 pounds to lose.


Does it look less ominous when it is printed really tiny?
At this rate I am going to have to pick two names for my growing food baby.

Right now I will say it was totally worth it! 
Ask me in two weeks when I am pouring sugar free chocolate syrup on lettuce. :)

What is your favorite guilty treat?? 


Keetha Broyles said...

We LOVE Ben & Jerry's at this house, though I haven't tried the oatmeal cookie variety.

We used to eat "Death by Chocolate" at a Bennigan's on Michigan Street in Chicago - - - it was, well it was to DIE for!!

Wendy said...


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