Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just use a canvas..............

Sometimes searching for the right frames can be such a chore!! Especially when you want half a dozen of them that match. And,...the store doesn't have any white ones!!

....wait, what's up with that?? Last season when I wanted mahogany all that they had was white!!!

Besides that,........frames can be expensive. So why not just use canvas??

Especially when you have a 50% off Jo Ann's Fabric and Craft coupon and the canvases are on sale anyway.!?.

I was actually really afraid to do this project for fear of ruining my photos. (Which is pretty silly since Costco is like the least expensive place on the planet to have photos printed.)

None-the-less,...afraid I was! So I put it off for a while. Then I realized that if I didn't use these photos soon they would be so out-dated that I would need to have new ones taken.

So I dove in.

I used a large sponge paintbrush so that it wouldn't leave bristles behind. I literally poured the Mod Podge right onto the canvas so that I could spread it around before it started to dry. Then I eyeballed the photo and tried to center it.

Remember,...perfect is over-rated!!

I did not Mod Podge over the picture. There was no need. It affixed very well with no curling up of corners or bubbling. I did however go over the exposed Mod Podge left around the edges with a semi gloss polyurethane since it tends to remain the teeniest bit sticky and collect astronomical amounts of dust.:(

Voila,...I think I even prefer these to frames. (Especially since I live in major Earthquake territory and these are going right above my girls bed.)

I am in the process of redecorating their room and I will post pictures when it is all done

...............assuming I ever finish!!:):)



Unknown said...

Cute pics! You have beautiful children! I would love to see what it looks like hung up - I'm always in need of new ideas to hang those pictures of the kids.

Eames said...

I LOVE that!!!!!! You are so amazing Holls! said...

Great idea as I can't find the huge white picture frames and when I do, they are astronomical. I'm going to use this idea. Thank you. Thank you. Miss you girl!

Zuzana said...

Beautiful idea and such a lovely picture frames as well.;) Not to talk about the beauties and cuties on the pictures.;))

Wendy said...

Ah! How I miss your beautiful girls!!! Give them hugs from their Auntie! Those canvases turned out perfect. Can't wait to see the room redo.

Unknown said...

Cute! Love it.

Debra said...

I love that. What a great idea. I also have problems finding frames I like that won't break the bank. Thanks!

Jillinda said...

I love this idea. Such a clean look.

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