Friday, October 30, 2009

A few jewelery projects.....................

This bracelet was a gift. I have never worn it . It is lovely but a little to big and just not quite as chunky as my usual tastes. It is much nicer than anything I would ever buy myself, and even personalized with an H. I decided that it was time to make it work!
I took some lengths of chain from my jewelry making supplies. I cut them shorter then the existing bracelet so that I could solve the 'too big' problem and chunk the chain up at the same time. (I didn't end up using the shiny yellow gold chain. I was just the wrong color for this piece.)

I rounded up a bunch of charms that I had collected from the clearance jewelery at Target over the last few months.

I staggered them on the different chains and even attached some of them to two chains at once.

And the outcome. A totally "my-style" bracelet that I will wear over and over again. The original bracelet had such good bones that I had to stop letting it go to waste.

And........................Teacher Presents.....................

Got these cute Halloween beads at JoAnn's. Hollowed out the holes in the beads to make them a little bit larger with my dremmel. Strung them on beaded chains. Soo Easy!! Have I mentioned recently how much I really ADMIRE teachers? I think that they deserve a little something for every occasion!!!

XOXOX -Holls


Wendy said...

Hi Chicky...nice redo on the bracelet. I almost purchased that same bird and fleur de lis charm, but ended up talking myself out of it. We are eerily similar you and I. Maybe it's in our genes! ha!

Jennifer said...

I love the necklaces!!! I totally forgot to give the teachers a little Halloween something.... I guess being a sickie this week didn't help!!! I'm sure the teachers loved those :)

Zuzana said...

I love it, wonderful! I am a big fan of "chunky" jewelry.;)
Thank you again so much for the gifts Holly.;) Have a lovely weekend.;)

DeeDee1Whoa said...

Hey, would you like for us to swap blog links, I mean affiliate? Let me know when you add me.
Also, please follow me over Google because I'm already following your blog. Thanks!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Nice bracelet - looks awesome.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Holly,
Very inspiring! You always have great ideas up your sleeve. Thanks for sharing another one.
I'm sorry I never found the time to re-stock my H. Pendants. There's always next year. : )

Unknown said...

Ok so I don't know exactly why it is I am surprised by these fabulous necklaces because you make the most beautiful things! I am tucking this idea away in my memory bank for next year. Have I mentioned lately that you are truely an inspiration to me? :)

katie said...

Check out this link for some more cool and trendy designs, that too which easily fits in budget

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