Thursday, August 20, 2009


If this trip had been for no other reason then to see my sister Wendy it still would have been the perfect trip. More than worth it. (I wish I could have gotten a better picture. She has all of the cute ones over at her place.) We have been two peas in a pod since...well...forever! She is my best friend. She has always put up with so much from me, such as singing and dancing in public, laughing at my own jokes, eating all of the cheese fries, hogging the Diet Coke, get the picture. 3 years is far too long to go without seeing your best friend and most kindred spirit. The fact that we are sisters, I think, was really just a convenient coincidence. Wendy is inspiring, adorable, and magnetic, with an infectious laugh, and contagious creativity!! She makes everything around her become more alive and more beautiful. I love you big sis!!! It was wonderful to see you and I vow to never let 3 years pass again!!


Zuzana said...

Welcome back Holly, I missed you.;))

Beautiful sisters!
Seeing this picture and reading this post reminds me of me and my sister. Long years pass without us seeing each other, yet when we do, it is like not a day has passed since last. Just like you two, we two are so very different, physically and in our personalities, yet from every picture it is immediately palpable that we are related.;))

Have a great Friday dear friend.;))

Frugalious Living said...

What a great post! Nothing beats the bond of sisterhood. I have two, one is my twin and the other is 3 years younger. We are the best of friends. They live 9 hrs from me and I don't get to see them all that often. But we talk A LOT on the phone but like you I long to be around them.

Thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

You made me cry too! I just can't stand this distance between us, but it was so good to see you. Just like it always is...and you may not remember, but I am the cheesefry hog and I definitely have you beat in the Diet Coke department ;-)

Melinda said...

I am so glad you had a good time visiting your sister, and I can imagine how great it must have been, especially after 3 years. My sister Melissa and I, who are just 11 months apart in age, are very, very close as well. I cannot imagine my life without her.
Hugs for you and your Big Sis,

Unknown said...

I love this post Holly. I really enjoy both of your blogs! It is so nice to see the two of you together.

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