Sunday, August 23, 2009

the Paisley Pomegranate

On one of our treasure hunting excursions in fabulous Salt Lake City, Wendy and I happened upon this fabulous little boutique in Sugarhouse. The Paisley Pomegranate. Of course the name alone was enough to entice us through its tantalizing doors,...but once we were inside. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,...sigh!! It was an eye candy store. An ideas a-plenty store. We could have spent hours in there studying every wonderful little chotchkey, gizmo, and gadget. We had to control ourselves because it was out of what either of us would consider our price range. (Which isn't hard when you consider that we are both garage sale/ consignment store junkies.) :) None-the-less, it was probably one of my favorite afternoons of my entire trip wandering sensory overloaded with idea endorphins through wonderful little shops in Sugarhouse with my big sis.
I did splurge on this fabulous little pendant because it reminded me of my sisters and myself.

Can't ya just see the resemblance? :)
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