Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Things.............

The Mister gave me flowers for absolutely no reason.......................................hmmmmm?? :):)

I love him!!!

Yes, I am honestly going to blog about lipstick, because I believe that when you find a good thing you should share it. And this my friends is A GOOD THING!! The new Maybelline Mineral Power lipstick is now my favorite lipstick!! I admit that am fickle and that my tastes change fast, but I think that I will actually stick with this one for a while. I love the texture. There is no funny smell or taste. And.....these lipsticks look youthful! (As apposed to how some lipsticks can look matronly and drying.)
My two favorite colors are "Terracotta" which looks very much like my favorite lip color by "Mac", and "Sand" which looks very much like my favorite lip color by "Clinique". Unlike the others, the Maybelline lip colors only cost about $6.00. Right now they are even sporting their own little $1.00 off coupon right on the tube. YIPPEE for good lipstick! If the simple and silly things can brighten up ones day then "go for it" say I!!! Go buy some lipstick :):).


Zuzana said...

Love the flowers!!:)) It is such a romantic gesture.;)) A gift of flowers for no reason is always appreciated.;)
And I will have to try that lipstick out.;))

Wendy said...

I'm not going to comment on this post. Ha! Just kidding! I love great lipstick!~!

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