Thursday, March 4, 2010

So many ribbons, little space...........

It is Frugal Friday over at the Shabby Nest, so I thought I would share my newest space and money saving idea. I used to store all of my ribbon on paper towel holders. It looks cute, but the more ribbon I accumulate the more footprint space the holders take up on my desk. I needed to find another way to store some of it. There have been a lot of great shelving systems around lately that include ribbon storage, but they have all been a bit pricey. Plus I don't know where I would put one more item in my over-decorated house.
For less then 5 dollars my husband put up a 'ribbon bar' of sorts right into my built in desk. It could be done to any desk that has a shelf attached, or even just a shelf,...who needs a desk?!
He fastened two brackets to the sides of the shelf. I painted them brown so that they would blend. Then he cut a nice thick, sturdy wood dowel to fit. It slips in and out very easily to add ribbon. He spent about $2.00 for the brackets, and $2.50 for the dowel,...saving me a lot of trouble. :):) Thanks honey, I really love it. It makes my little "idea nook" look even more inspiring to me.

I have kept only my favorite paper towel holders, and it has freed up a lot of space. Who can't use more space?

Happy Frugal Friday!!
xoxox -Holls


Zuzana said...

Great idea, wonderful husband and it looks wonderful too, with all the colours!! I have always loved your *old* rollers, they are also always in your header.
Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend dearest Holly,

Wendy said...

Wow! I wish I had a great little workspace like that. You always did get all the good stuff. ;-(

Ha ha! Looks great!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Such happy pictures here!!! What is it about spools of ribbon that makes one's heart happy?
I got a kick out of a quote from the post, below: "now I am reduced to drawing on lunch sacks"...or something like that??? Thanks for the smiles.

Amy said...

Great idea! I could do that with a tension rod in my knee space at my desk!

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