Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some Holiday Cheer

A DESERT RAINSTORM.....Funny to me that this is what put me most in the Christmas spirit this year, but it is. I am from Utah where it snows, and SNOWS, and then snows some more. All though I do not love 4 months of straight wet cold, I often look for those first few sparkling magical snow storms to put me in the holiday spirit. This year we have had an extra long, hot summer in So. Cali, and I was beginning to wonder if I was going to fill that Christmas magic at all. That moment that the air shifts and that twinge of recognizable electric current wafts in and energizes your inner child. Well it happened....with a rainstorm.

Not just any rainstorm, two huge torrential Desert rainstorms. Last week when the barometer went nuts and the whole wold turned to storm, we got our share too. It was beautiful and cold. I drank it in, along with a lot of hot cocoa. :)

Had to share a few pictures, so that next August when I start to think I imagined it all,...I can refer to my 'proof'.

Truly bizarre fact,...when a Palm tree dies it folds right in half and just droops there all defeated like.

After living here for three years, I still laugh at my house decorated for Christmas, with my green grass and flowers.

We got the most snow in our mountains in the last 30 years. It smelled so much like home that I had to take some photos. (The down side, oldest son and his entire 5th grade class got stuck up the mountain at science camp until the roads could be cleared of a LAND SLIDE for their safe return. It was really un-nerving. But, alas he is home safe with us now.



Zuzana said...

Holly, I love those pictures! Seeing palm trees and flowers in the middle of a long, dark Scandinavian winter is very soothing. But I also understand that you miss the snow comes Christmas.
But the Holiday season is slowly approaching it's end and soon we will all envy you the wonderful sunshine. I know I will.
I hope your Holidays were truly lovely.;))
I send you a mail, but in case you did not get it, please email me; my email address is listed on my profile site.;))

Unknown said...


I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. I live in Northern California, well central really. It is hot here too all summer and very long. I enjoy the rain. We go to So Cal a couple times a year and those mountains look beautiful covered in snow!

Charmingdesigns said...

Where abouts do you live? I lived in Pasadena for 17 years. My daughter and I visit every summer, just for fun. We're up in Oregon now. Hey, if you know of any great stores/shops that are a "must see" please let me know. Laurie

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