Thursday, December 4, 2008

Favorite Spots Friday

Art from the 'Oil on Canvas" collection of Mary Fielding Adams Summerhays.....

I know that I have already posted a piece of her art and mentioned how much I love it. Mary has been my friend since junior high school, and is still a dear friend today. She was also quite the artist then and is an amazing artist now. (Her art is growing more and more well known in Utah.) These are all pieces of her art that I have collected over the years.....(bought, begged, borrowed, and stolen....joke!) This first one is my favorite because I fell in love with it on a trip
to Utah. Later when a wedding anniversary rolled around my husband had sneakily bought it for me and surprised me with it. It really speaks to me.
My terrible lack of photography skills just did not do the next two justice. They are so beautiful,...and here they just look yellow. sigh.

Mary hates this next one and will probably be quite dismayed at my posting of it. It is quite the funny story actually. I told her that it had a very fairy tale-esq feeling to it and that it would look darling in my daughters room. She was actually going to paint over it and I thought that was soo sad. So, when my hubby went to purchase the still life for our anniversary, she told him that he could only buy it if he ridded her of this painting also. Who can argue with that??!!

So, here's where the 'favorite spot' comes in. When I was able to go to Utah over Thanksgiving Mary allowed me to wander around her house and photograph some of her art. It just filled my well to soak in all of the creative energy.

Above is a painting in progress of her niece. Her work area is so cleverly created on the corner landing of an unused stair case. Such a great use of space and an honestly cozy ambiance.

I believe that this next one is unfinished.

I adore this last one. She said it is unfinished because the berries are to have more red.

Thank You Mary for a delightful evening in your art filled home!!


Zuzana said...

Holy, these are beautiful paintings; your friend is so talented. As I paint myself, I would love to have a friend like Mary.
And what a wonderful sentiment that your husband gave you a panting that you like! I have likewise received such a gift from the man in my life.
I love all the paintings you have presented here, but my favourite painting is the 4th one from the bottom; there is something about that winding road and the colours that I find very evocative.:)
I love the Christmas music in the background.:)))

Wendy said...

Those are beautiful! So tell me, in all my years of knowing Mary, how did I not know she was such a wonderful painter. AND...what is it with everybody your age...all you all artistic or what? How did that "happen"?

kari and kijsa said...

Beautiful paintings-thanks for sharing!
Sunday blessings,
kari & kijsa

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Ooh...those paintings are like a breath of fresh air. Seriously! What talent, in this modern age of photography and photoshopping. Like a lost art. Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

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