Monday, September 13, 2010

White...on white...on white..........

So the other day when I was having my little......
I did the logical thing of coarse,
the thing every girly does when she is trying to quiet the chaos
in her mind,...I started re-decorating.
In my case I just went around and started painting all of my accessories white.
Some furniture as well,...but I will get to that later.
And, my husbands relief,...he put a stop
to the madness before I got my hands on our cabinets.


Cut little plate stand needed to turn white,...
so it did.

As did this one.

Then that made one of my frames look all wrong,... so
that had to be painted as well.


Which in turn made my candle holders look all wrong,
easy remedy........
but one can see how this coping mechanism could quickly become a problem
all of its own.
Not to mention eventually being very counterproductive. ;);)

Nonetheless, I had fun and changed my scenery a bit
which lightened up my mood a bit.
Love the white............


Zuzana said...

Dear Holly, I hope your family is feeling better now...
It is so very typical to feel that you need to change things, and I so get the idea of wanting things lighter.;)
I love the new look!
Have a lovely day,

Wendy said...

I like the white...I don't think it's too much at all. More white. More white I say!! ;-)

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