Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Must have input.............

I know that every body's tastes change.............
it's a fact, happens.
But lately I wonder how many personalities I may have because mine change so rapidly. Am I fickle, am I trendy, or am I just bored??
The piece of hardware above was just on a random door on a random store in Gardener Village. (In Salt Lake City Utah, favorite place.) The hardware is so old and classic. I can't imagine any one of my personalities growing tired of old classic things.

This crazy dresser, on the other hand, I made about 10 years ago. I still love all things whimsical,...but I am so over this dresser.
And, is so over itself.
One of the drawers has fallen out and I can't even put it back in (literally.)
So, here lies my dilemma..........what do I replace it with?? I would love to get an unfinished dresser and decoupage it with neutral toile and damask papers. I have looked all over the web at unfinished furniture and I can't find much of a selection. Am I looking in the wrong places??
Or, do I replace it with a "Bombay chest"? One of the rustic looking ones in ivory and celery colors. I don't really want to spend too much on it, but on the other hand I always end up with broken furniture, do I just bite the bullet and buy a nice piece that may actually survive my children for more than a few years?
I would just go with out one, but this piece earned the nickname 'crazy art dresser' because it does in fact hold all of my paints, brushes, watercolor paper, pastels, and I have even managed to stuff a few small canvases in it.
So you see...
I do think that replacing it is warranted,...
because in the long run it will be cheaper than the therapy I will need if I don't have my art as an outlet.
Anything can be rationalized if you try hard enough, right??
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
xoxox -Holls


vintage girl at heart said...

I am the same way tastes are a changin'!!
~ I would try and find a dresser on Craigslist to damask and have fun with!!! Maybe you can find one that is already primed a nuetral color??!!
Love you art dresser too.. wouldn't change a thing on it.. it is a part of who you are and where you've been!!! Especially since it holds your supplies.
Also if the drawer is not repairable... take it off paint the inside for that drawer and use baskets.

Zuzana said...

Dearest Holly, I love the dresser. Perhaps it is the sentimental me that thinks that it most likely hold fantastic memories, moments in time tied to it in a special way.
Perhaps, when you find the right way to fix and change it, you will know.;) Some things will come to us, instead of us looking for them.;)
Sorry that I am obviously so not much of help here.;))

Jillinda said...

I think anything in Toile would be amazing. You can find a lot of different style unfinished dressers at They are based in Utah though and are kind of pricey.

Anonymous said...

I think the dresser is a hoot!
I've seen someone turn one into a book shelf on top and bottom with a drawer in the middle? You could try and salvage it?

Wendy said...

Still thinking about this one for you. All I know is that a place for one's art supplies (and a way to avoid impending insanity) is definitely a necessity. Especially in our family. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Question...given its function, should it really be a dresser? Would another piece of furniture be a better solution? Shelf with basket or crates as drawers or an armoire finished out where things are stored on pegboard, etc. behind doors you could close?

You may actually not be looking for a dresser. Will be fun to see what you find...

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

A couple of years ago I bought one of those BH&G decorating magazines. They had the MOST awsome idea. You buy an old dresser (which BTW the old ones used to be made with great attention to quality). Then after painting it a solid color of your choice, put coordinating wallpaper on the fronts of the drawers (they used very expensive looking toile and damask). My favorite one was the one they painted very light grey with grey & white toile paper.
We'll look forward to your creation. : )
Mary Lou

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