Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Pear By Any Other Name....

I have a love affair with pears. I think it's odd, but apparently many women do. They are just so cute and fresh, and don't scream out any season in particular. My apothecary jar was sitting so empty and lonely after the onslaught of many holidays, so I stuffed it full of pears. (Ha, full, would only hold 4.) It still looked sort of sad and wanting for detail. OF COURSE,... A TASSEL!!! Isn't that the answer to pretty much everything. So I made this cute chubby pear tassel and now my jar is happy and full of life.



Kim said...

I have a special love for pears, too. I also love green apples. I think it's the green color that draws me to them.

Great job on your tassel! I think I have all the supplies I need, just haven't attempted to make one of my own yet.

Hope you are having a good Valentine's Day. :o)

Zuzana said...

That is so lovely, I know you love tassels.;)
I like pears too, although here the season is not in yet; we can only still get tons of oranges and citrus fruit. And apples, but they definitely not very tasty.
I hope Your Valentine's Day was lovely Holly!

Wendy said...

I love your little pear tassel! I have a soft spot for pears as well!!! (And I think they look just as cute in your apothecary jar as they probably did on the cakestand!)

Anji Tee said...

I absolutely love pears too - to eat and to decorate with! And did you know that pears (and avocados) are both designed by our creator to contain essential nutrients for our female parts? Interesting that their shapes are similar to the womb as well.

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