Monday, January 5, 2009

Creative Man

Nothing sexier than a creative man, right? :) (Maybe I'm speaking only for myself,...but creativity in a guy is really appealing to me.) My husband made these masks several years ago and they are still some of my favorite pieces of art in our home. He was in the graduate program for architecture at the U. of U. and this was one of the many odd assignments that he was given. Due to the fact that he is very artistic and meticulous I think they turned out beautifully. They say that most artists suffer for their work,...well he certainly did. He had me paper mache his face, which took a looonng time. Then it wouldn't dry so I had to blow dry it for him. (Which at first was too cold, and then it was too hot......................)
He spent hours marking slate with a utility knife, and then carefully breaking it. he glued it piece by piece onto the paper mache. I watched as these beautiful masterpieces emerged. Then I selfishly bugged him about retrieving them unharmed day after day until they were finally graded.
I searched high and low for shadow box frames deep enough to shelter them, and short of having them made there weren't any. I ended up mounting them on several layers of cardboard and decorative paper. (Tons of glue, and then I even tied them down, can never be too careful, eh?) To my delight............they were fantastic. Sometimes I still stop and stare at them. Thank you talented hubby!


Wendy said...

I remember these masks. They are really cool...and I love the way you "framed" them.

Ms. Tee said...

Oh, wow - and how patient of him to do all those little tiles!

Happy New Year to you! :)

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...


Zuzana said...

I now see that you truly ALL in your family are a talented bunch.;))
These are very interesting, they seem almost like ancient artifacts to me (in a good way). I can completely understand why you like them so much.;)

Kari said...

Paul's teaching a structural engineering class in the architecture department at the U this semester--we've been talking about the differences in structural engineers and architects as he's been prepping for it. These masks are certainly an example of the differences between the artists and the engineers of the same buildings. What cool artwork to have in your house.

Lisa Marie said...

creative indeed... i love when my hubby actually makes something in the crafty area...hugs, lisa

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