Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Been busy...
I feel like it's fall.
I know that sounds funny, because it is fall, but here in the desert where the temperatures stay high well into November fall is more of a feeling than a noticeable change in colors, or temperature.
It has cooled down,...a bit.
People have decorated for Halloween,
and there is that certain buzz.
That excitement that is contagious, and it starts to fill the air. Well it makes me want to nest.
So,...I have been nesting.

Redecorating. In colors fueled mainly by this picture. :)

Got really sick of my curtains and replaced them with these.
I am in love with all things smocked.

Had a red clock on top of my cabinets. Red wasn't working for me any more, so I decoupaged it.

Put posy pins on some pillows that were in need of a makeover.

I have refinished a few pieces of furniture and started a few projects that I am excited about. I will post them all as they get finished up. Now my kiddos think that I need to get started on their Halloween costumes. Oii!!

 Wish me LUCK!!


Wendy said...

Lovin' it! Love that beach photo. We'll have to go when we come to visit!

Diane said...

I really like that clock!
I'm a new follower of yours.

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