Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pumpkin pedestals........

So I had these bases left over from old lamps. You know when the lamp breaks but the base is too pretty to get rid of?? Hate when that happens. I always cut off the cord, and yank it out of the base,... then I let the lamp base collect dust for a really long time.
Well,... I finally found a use for a few of them.

I bought a few clearance pumpkins from my local craft store. They are foam core in the center so all you have to do is literally shove them onto the base. It doesn't take any grace,... just a little bit of elbow grease.

I was also able to push the stems of each pumpkin into the bottom of the one I was stacking above it, so by the time I got a nice wad of tacky glue in between them they were very secure.

I didn't bother to glue the bottom pumpkin to the actual pedestal, because I plan to pop it on off of there and re-use the pedestal for every occasion. I think I may do stars for Christmas, hearts for Valentines, eggs for Easter. You get the idea.

This super easy project found a home on top of my piano. Love it........


Wendy said...

Very clever, my dear. Been much too long since we've talked. Much. Too. Long. (And yes I realize that's as much my fault as yours.)


Zuzana said...

What a great idea, you are so innovative.;)))
So glad to see you around again dear Holly, I have really missed you.;)

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