Saturday, June 13, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!!!! (or...flag day?)

My best friend/ big sister Wendy over at the Shabby Nest is celebrating her birthday today!! I painfully miss her and wanted to give her birthday wishes via bloggy love hoping that others would see this and pop on over to wish her a magical day as well.

When Wendy was little the family led her to believe that the Flag was flown on Flag Day (June 14th) because it was her birthday and the whole country just happened to celebrate it. :):) She really felt like a special little gal for years!!

No, we were not born in the 1800's. Our family was just a little 'different'. I am sure that this will come as a huge surprise to many seeing as how neither Wendy nor myself are the least bit quirky ;);), but our family did not take normal vacations. We would go on "antique car tours" and "mountain man rendezvous" where you had to dress and act the part for a week at a time instead. This was us with our papa thirty-um-something years ago.

This is when we both still lived in Utah and did everything together. sigh........I don't have a recent picture of us since I haven't actually seen Wendy for over three years. But,...this will be remedied come August. Happy Birthday big sis!! I Love You!!!
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