Sunday, March 8, 2009

Absentee Blogger

I'm sorry I have been busy, the most fantastical way!!! As many of you know (because my big sis spilled the beans)...Wednesday was my birthday. Well, was the best birthday of my now 35 year old life!!!!! (Not even exaggerating!!) My husband and two of my dear friends have been in cahoots for months. How could I be so clueless, you ask?? I am still trying to figure that out myself. (I think that all of the people dearest to me are really good liars!! :):)) I was taken out to lunch by a few close friends and in the midst of our frolicking one of my dearest friends in the world (from Utah), whom I am lucky to see once a year, came up behind me and asked if she was too late to join us. I (according to all standers by because it is all a blur to me now) did a double take, gasped, screamed, and made everybody at Mimi's stare as I jumped up, hugged her and started to publicly sob. The first thing out of my mouth was "how long do I get to keep you?" (Just assuming that she is like MY gift!!!) TILL MONDAY she says. I think then I cried more, and we chatted laughed and gorged our way through lunch. Needless to say I have been playing soooo hard this week, and will continue to play until Monday evening.

It all sounds so silly while typing this out, but I felt like the girl in the movie when this event took place. They made me feel like the most important person in the world, and I am sooo grateful. It is like a once in a life time fairytale experience. Two months worth of emails were exchanged, Calls were made, flights were debated, and plans were orchestrated all while I was in my own little world of laundry and adding up weight watchers points. My husband has taken time off of work and been mister mom so that we could shop, dine, watch movies, and eat chocolate. (Ya,...weight watchers points,...Not So Much!!!) They made my birthday, which I was sort of dreading, into a whole week of celebration. Thank You JENNIFER EAMES....(who by the way had the nerve to call me the day before she flew over to as me if "I was going to do anything fun for my birthday or stay home and wallow in self pity?") STINKER!! Thanks to my sweet sweet hubby and my other best Jen (Frank) friend who was in on all of the conniving plotting. I feel so loved!!!


Jennifer said...

It really was so fun to be a part of all the excitement. I only wish I could come and spend the week at your house too and be a part of the constant stream of fun. I loved the Mimi's scene. It brought sudden tears to my eyes too. Like a Hallmark commercial.

Zuzana said...

Happy belated birthday dearest Holly! I am so glad you had so much fun; you truly are blessed with a wonderful family and friends. I wish you lots of love and lots of good health.;))
All the best,

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What a SUPER great story. I'm so glad you let us share in the fun. : )

Wendy said...

How fun for you! Wish I could have shared in the fun. sigh.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Happy Birthday - glad you had fun and feel loved.

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