Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to create.....

My word of the day is "originate".
originate : to give rise to : initiate

The kiddos are back to school and the creative juices are flowing!!
I spent 6 weeks this summer with all of my favorite people in Utah, which means lots of whimsy!!!
Yummy foods galore, window shopping, novel reading, and best of all IDEA GATHERING!!!
Did I ever gather ideas... too many ideas!
So, now that my three 'olders' are back in school and I have to fill my days
to the brim so that I don't miss them (Yes I actually prefer having them home), I am going to focus on a
plethora of projects.
Time to originate and get these projects going... 

First up.....

It's hard to imagine this chandie looking really rustic and cute, but I have a plan
for it that I hope will be just the ticket.
I will keep you posted!!

Now go be originative (do we think that originative is a word?),
and start something!! Anything...

And,... let me know what you have started. :)



Wendy said...

Holy moly! A post!! Can't wait to see what you do. Miss you!

Wendy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zuzana said...

Dear Holly, always nice to see a post from you.;) Sounds like a busy summer, but also a lovely one too.;)
Take care.;))

Unknown said...

It is hard to imagine me without my writings. I understand you and I'm happy you found your calling. You've a talent. I write for pleasure for It's a mere paradise for me.

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